The CD-ROM and DVD-ROM versions of the AP-S Digital Archive are available for purchase by AP-S members!!

The AP-S Digital Archive provides access to the entire collection of AP-S Transactions, Magazines, and Symposia Digests in electronic form on DVD-ROM or CD-ROM. The collection also includes an electronic search engine and an HTML interface. The archive is fully searchable, contains hyperlinked references, and includes a citation index that is searchable both forward and backward in time.

The member price is $100 plus shipping and handling. The DVD-ROM version of the Archive uses 2 disks while the CD-ROM version requires 24 disks. Please note that DVD-ROM drives are now very inexpensive. Members are urged to consider buying a DVD drive (which will read CD-ROM disks too) to avoid having to swap disks.

Note: Only IEEE AP-S members can purchase the AP-S Digital Archive. Each member may purchase up to 2 copies of the Archive. Content from 1952 to 2000 is included for each publication. Order your copies online here. Simply search for Archive in the Quick Search area on the left on that page. The CD-ROM and DVD-ROM versions are listed separately.





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Please choose keywords for indexing your paper from the IEEE Approved Indexing Keyword List to the maximum extent possible. When you submit a paper through Manuscript Central, you will be provided with a picklist from which to choose your keywords. The picklist contains indexing terms from the IEEE Approved Indexing Keyword List.

Outside of Manuscript Central you can also get a copy of the indexing keyword list by sending an e-mail to An autoreply will be generated that contains the list. We suggest that you obtain an updated keyword list before submitting any manuscript as new keywords come into use from time-to-time.

Use of these keywords ensures that your paper is accessible through the major indexing services. You may sometimes find that you need to coin your own keywords in order to make your paper accessible through search by an appropriate audience. Keep in mind that keywords are best chosen broadly. Avoid the temptation to construct a set of keywords that uniquely identify your topic. When you coin a keyword, please underscore it, highlight it with a marker, or otherwise call attention to it. We will add it to the AP-S supplementary list. (The editor reserves the right to modify keywords for consistency within the list when necessary.)