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The Letters were founded in 2002 by Prof. Uslenghi at UIC. His vision was to establish a faster means for researchers in the antennas and propagation field to publish their results, while keeping very high standards for the journal. AWPL takes full advantage of the internet to accomplish this goal: papers, once accepted, are available for consultation soon thereafter in IEEE Xplore.


Past Editors of the Letters

Period Editor-in-Chief
2001-2007 Piergiorgio L.E. Uslenghi
2008-2013 Gianluca Lazzi
2014-2017 Yang Hao
2017-2023 Christophe Fumeaux
2023 to date Steven Gao

IEEE AWPL Editor-in-Chief -  GAO Shichang

Steven Gao is a Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, and an Honorary Professor at the University of Kent, UK. He received PhD in Microwave Engineering from Shanghai University, China, in 1999. From 1993 to 1996, he was with China Research Institute of Radiowave Propagation, China. He worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at National University of Singapore, Singapore (Oct. 1999-May 2001), Research Fellow at Birmingham University, UK (May 2001-May 2002), Senior Lecturer (May 2002-July 2006) and then Reader (July 2006-Sep. 2007) at Northumbria University, UK, Senior Lecturer and Head of Space Antennas and RF Systems Group at Surrey Space Center, University of Surrey, UK (Sep. 2007-Dec. 2012), and Professor and Chair of RF and Microwave Engineering at University of Kent, UK (Jan. 2013-July 2022). He also served as the Head of Communications Research Group at the University of Kent (Jan. 2020-July 2022). Since Sep. 2022, he has been with the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

Prof. Gao was a Visiting Scientist at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ), Zurich, Switzerland in 2003, a Visiting Scientist at University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB), USA, in 2005, and JSPS Visiting Fellow at Microwave Remote Sensing Lab, Chiba University, Japan in 2013.

Prof. Gao is the Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters since March 2023. He is a Fellow of IEEE, IET and Royal Aeronautical Society, UK. He was the UK’s representative in European Association of Antennas and Propagation (2021-2022) and a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE (2014-2016). He was Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation (2015-2021), and co-authored over 400 papers and 3 books.

Editorial Assistant

IEEE AWPL Editorial Assistant -  Claire Sideri

Claire Sideri

Email: awpl@ieeeaps.org

Track Editors

Jiro Hirokawa
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Slotted waveguide array antennas, millimeter-wave and Terahertz antennas, beam-switching circuits, method of moments, antenna fabrication techniques

Özlem Aydin Civi
Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Reconfigurable reflectarrays/transmitarrays, reconfigurable antennas, phased array antennas, MIMO arrays, periodic structures, frequency selective surfaces, electromagnetic absorbers, wideband/multi-band antennas, characteristic mode analysis.

Xiaoming Chen
Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

MIMO antennas, propagation channels, over-the-air (OTA) testing, reverberation chambers, millimeter-wave communications.

Yu Jian Cheng

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

Millimeter/sub-millimeter-wave integrated antennas, planar antenna arrays, multibeam antennas, phased array antennas, and near-field shaped-beam antennas.


Associate Editors

Bo Ai
Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Channel measurement and modeling, channel sounding, massive MIMO, mmWave communication, rail traffic communication, 5G/B5G.

Astrid Algaba-Brazález
Senior Researcher
Ericsson Research, Sweden

Leaky wave antennas, RFID, IoT, Localization, Millimetre-wave antennas, Metasurfaces, Lens antennas, Millimetre-wave arrays.

Akram Alomainy
Associate Professor
Queen Mary University of London, UK

Computational EM, Wearable and inkjet printed antennas, body-centric communication, reconfigurable antennas, 5G antennas and arrays, THz communication, THz material characterisation and nano-scale networks.

Nicola Anselmi

Assistant Professor
University of Trento, Italy

Antenna array analysis and synthesis, antenna tolerance analysis, MIMO arrays, antenna optimization, metamaterials, metantennas, elementary radiators, wireless power transfer, time-modulated arrays, optical phased arrays, electromagnetic inverse scattering and imaging, localization.

Emilio Arnieri

Assistant Professor
Universita' della Calabria, Italy

Satellite Antennas; Phased Arrays; Millimeter wave circuits; Millimeter wave antenna and arrays; Polarizers; multi-band antennas.

Hussein Attia

Associate Professor
King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia

Millimeter-wave, circularly polarized, metamaterials, dielectric resonator antenna (DRA), antenna array, partially reflective surface (PRS), coupling-reduction, Frequency selective surface, High-gain, Reconfigurable Antenna, Beamsteering, Antennas for Biomedical Applications.

Mirko Barbuto
Associate Professor
“Niccolò Cusano” University, Italy

Metamaterials and metasurfaces, vortex modes, topological properties of structured fields, antennas with non-linear or non-foster circuits, metamaterial-inspired radiating elements

Shengjian Jammy Chen

Flinders University, Australia

Wearable, textile and flexible antennas, reconfigurable antennas, antennas for biomedical applications, absorbers, 3D-printed antennas, antennas based on unconventional materials, frequency selective surfaces, wideband and UWB antennas, and dielectric resonator antennas.

EunMi Choi

Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Republic of Korea

Millimeter-wave antennas. quasi-optical systems for millimeter-wave/THz, metamaterials, vortex modes, antenna measurements.

Filippo Costa
Assistant Professor
Universita' di Pisa, Italy

Metamaterials and metasurfaces, Radio-frequency identification (RFID), Material characterization, Wireless sensors, Reflectarrays antennas, Leaky-wave antennas, Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces, Electromagnetic absorbers and Radar cross section reduction.

Joseph Costantine
Associate Professor
American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Reconfigurable Antennas; Deployable Antennas; Antennas for Space and Satellite Communications; Cognitive Radio; RF energy Harvesting; RF Sensor Wake-up; Antennas for IoT devices; Antennas Mobile Devices; Antennas for Biomedical Applications; Small Antennas.

María Elena de Cos Gómez
Associate Professor
University of Oviedo, Spain

Antennas; Metasurfaces; Frequency selective Surfaces (FSS); Artificial Magnetic Conductors (AMC); Electromagnetic Band-Gap (EBG); Absorber; polarizer; RCS reduction; Radiofrequency Identification (RFID); SAR reduction;

Fikadu Dagefu
Research Scientist
U.S. Army Research Laboratory, USA

Near-ground and indoor propagation, channel modelling, robotic antennas and antenna systems, active matching techniques, distributed beamforming, localization, subsurface sensing .

Hugo G Espinosa

Senior Lecturer
Griffith University, Australia

Wearable antennas, antennas for biomedical applications, electromagnetic interaction with human body/tissues, specific absorption rate assessment, radio-localisation techniques, frequency selective surfaces, computational electromagnetics, IoT, nondestructive testing, additive manufacturing for antennas.

José-Manuel Fernández González
Associate Professor
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

Phased Array antennas, Active antennas, Millimeter wave antennas, Lens antennas, 3D-printed antennas, Metamaterials, Metasurfaces,Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS), Frequency selective surfaces (FSS), RCS reduction

Ebrahim Forati
Electromagnetic engineer
Google Research- Quantum Computing, USA

Electromagnetic wave-matter interaction, electromagnetic energy propagation and scattering, electrodynamics of quantum radiators in cavities, gas plasma antennas, metamaterials and plasmonic resonators

Saptarshi Ghosh
Assistant Professor
Indian Institute of Technology Indore, India

Metamaterials; Metasurfaces; Frequency selective surfaces (FSSs); Periodic structures; Reconfigurable structures; Microwave absorbers; Radar cross section (RCS) reduction; Additive manufacturing; 3-dimensional (3D) printing; Microfluidic technology.

Yejun He
Shenzhen University, China

Base station antenna, mobile phone antenna, metasurface antenna, microwave/mmWave/Terahertz antenna, planar antenna, MIMO antenna, smart antenna for wireless communication, 5G/6G antenna, RFID antenna, filtering antenna, phased array antenna.

Mohsen Khalily
Associate Professor
University of Surrey, UK

Surface Electromagnetics; Engineered Metasurfaces; Leaky Wave Antennas; Phased Arrays; Reflectarrays; MIMO systems; Dielectric Resonator Antennas; millimetre wave and Terahertz antennas and Propagation; 5G/6G

Stavros Koulouridis
Associate Professor
University of Patras, Greece

Antenna design & measurements, antenna miniaturisation, implanted antennas, wearable antennas, microwave medical applications, microwave Imaging, EM dosimetry, material measurements, antennas on polymers, active matching, wireless power transfer and power harvesting

Yee Hui Lee
Associate Professor
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Channel modelling, propagation models, propagation methods, remote sensing, wireless systems, radar, experimental methods, Global Positioning Systems, measurement techniques.

Hui Li
Associate Professor
Dalian University of Technology, China

MIMO antennas, mobile terminal antennas, characteristic mode analysis, reconfigurable antennas, mm-wave antennas, wearable antennas, RFID antennas, user effect, small antennas, multi-band antennas.

Alexander E. Martynyuk

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico

Reflectarrays, transmitarrays, periodic electromagnetic structures, FSS, polarizers, absorbers, quasi-optical millimeter wave devices and leaky-wave antennas

Payam Nayeri
Assistant Professor
California Polytechnic State University, USA

Adaptive antennas, phased arrays, reconfigurable antennas, reflectarrays and array lenses, printed and microstrip antennas, 3D printed antennas and microwave devices.

Maria Pour
Assistant Professor
University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA

Antenna Theory; Reflector antennas; Offset reflectors; Reflector antenna feeds; Multimode waveguides; Waveguide antennas; Horn antennas; Microstrip antennas; Microstrip Arrays; Antenna Arrays; Spiral antennas; Helical antennas.

Sudhakar Rao
Technical Fellow
Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, USA

Satellite antennas, reflector antennas, feed systems, small satellites, array antennas, lens antennas, aircraft antennas, antenna measurements

Jessica Ruyle
Associate Professor
University of Oklahoma, USA

Antenna Circuit and Transmission Line Models, Reconfigurable Antennas, Filtering Antennas (Filtennas), Non-LTI Antennas, Antenna Theory, RFID Antennas, 3D-Printed Antennas

Ping Jack Soh

Associate Professor
University of Oulu, Finland

Wearable antennas, implantable antennas, metasurfaces, reconfigurable antennas and surfaces, MIMO antennas, picosatellite antennas, reflectarrays and transmitarrays, EM interaction with human body/tissues.

Eng Leong Tan

Associate Professor
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Computational Electromagnetics, Electromagnetics Theory, Antenna Designs, Ionospheric and Tropospheric Propagation.

Okan Yurduseven
Associate Professor
Queen’s University Belfast, UK

Microwave and millimeter-wave imaging; metamaterials and metasurfaces; compressive sensing; radar systems; wireless power transfer; reconfigurable antennas.

Shuai Zhang
Associate Professor
Aalborg University, Denmark

5G/B5G handset and base station antennas; small-satellite antennas; phased arrays; massive MIMO arrays; millimeter-wave antennas; user-antenna electromagnetic interactions; metasurfaces.

Xiu Yin Zhang
South China University of Technology, China

Filtering antennas, base-station and terminal antennas and arrays, MIMO antennas, antennas-in-package, intelligent reflection surfaces, rectennas and wireless powering, microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuits.

Shao Yong Zheng
Associate Professor
Sun Yat-Sen University, China

Antenna optimization, multibeam antennas, microwave/millimeter-wave circuits, planar antenna arrays, microstrip antennas, dielectric resonator antennas, multi-band antennas, reconfigurable antennas, wireless power transfer, ambient energy harvesting.

Lu Guo
Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China

Reflectarrays, transmitarrays, UWB antennas, wideband antennas, small antennas, microstrip antennas, planar antenna arrays, metasurfaces, frequency selective surfaces.

Steve Hang WONG
Associate Professor
City University of Hong Kong

Terahertz antennas, millimeter-wave antennas, Antenna-in-Package, functional-material antenna technology, metasurfaces, reconfigurable antennas, dielectric resonator antennas, wideband antennas, and small antennas.   

Xue-Xia Yang
Shanghai University

Antenna arrays, Reconfigurable antennas, Beam scanning antennas, Metasurface antennas, Millimeter wave arrays, Beamforming, Reconfigurable reflectarray, Wireless power transmission, Rectennas.

Wenxuan Tang
Southeast University, China

Metamaterials, spoof surface plasmon polaritons, small antennas, antennas for wireless communications, reconfigurable antennas, flexible circuits and antennas, wireless sensors, intelligent metasurfaces.

Yujian Li
Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Millimeter-wave antennas and components, millimeter-wave antenna arrays, THz antennas and arrays, phased arrays, multibeam antennas, leaky-wave antennas, periodic structures, lens antennas, dielectric antennas, 3D-printed antennas and components, antenna-in-package.

Mingchun Tang
Chongqing University, China

Electrically small antennas, wideband antennas, multi-band antennas, active integrated antennas, RFID antennas, metamaterials, metasurfaces, phased arrays, array mutual coupling, interference analysis, MIMO antenna system.

Qiang Chen
Tohoku University, Japan

Antennas for wireless power transfer and power harvesting, reconfigurable antennas, reflectarray, reconfigurable reflectarray, base station antennas, small antennas, implanted antennas, wearable antennas, antenna measurements, mutual coupling of array antenna.

Hsi-Tseng Chou
National Taiwan University

Phased Array of Antenna, Numerical Electromagnetic techniques, Reflector antenna, reflectarray, transmit array, Numerical Synthesis, Asymptotic techniques, Electromagnetic theory, Radar cross-section Lens antenna, Beamforming network, Antenna measurement, Antenna Calibration.

Yikai Chen
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Characteristic modes, time modulated antenna array, shared-aperture base station antennas, wideband phased array, RCS reduction, tightly coupled dipole array, frequency selective surface, airborne antennas.

Kenneth Tong
University College London, UK

Fluid-based antennas, surface wave, terahertz and millimeter-wave antennas, metasurfaces, reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS), reconfigurable antennas, wideband antennas, antenna polarization. holographic and leaky-wave antennas.

Qi Luo
Senior Lecturer
University of Hertfordshire, UK

Array antennas, microstrip antennas, metasurface, reconfigurable antennas, reflectarrays, transmitarrays, circularly polarized antennas, antenna miniaturisation.

Toni Björninen
Tampere University, Finland

Implantable and wearable antennas, textile and flexible antennas, wireless health applications, multimodal antennas, antenna-based sensors, electrically small antennas, RFID technology, analog RF/microwave circuits.

Luigi Boccia
Associate Professor
University of Calabria, Italy

Antenna Arrays, Reconfigurable antennas, Transmitarrays, Reflectarrays, Phased arrays, Magneto-Electric dipoles, SatCom antennas, RF integrated circuits.

Chandrakanta Kumar
U R Rao Satellite Centre, ISRO, India

Satellite Antenna, Microstrip Antennas, Array, Phased Array Antennas, Circularly Polarized Antenna, MIMO Antennas.

Shulabh Gupta
Associate Professor
Carleton University, Canada

Computational methods and techniques for modeling metamaterials and metasurfaces; Metasurfaces; Leaky-Wave Antennas

Long Li
Xidian University, China

Information metamaterials and metasurfaces, Antennas, Wireless power transfer and energy harvesting, Reconfigurable intelligence surfaces, Orbital angular moment, EMC, SWIPT

Zhang-Cheng Hao
Southeast University, China

Phased Array Antenna, Reconfigurable Antenna, Multiple-Beam Array, Massive MIMO Antenna, Transmit-/Reflect- Array, Millimeter-wave and Terahertz Antenna, Satellite and Space Antenna

Pai-Yen Chen
Associate Professor
University of Illinois Chicago, USA

Electromagnetic field theory, Electromagnetic scattering, Metamaterials, Metasurfaces, Nanoelectromagnetics, Nanoantennas, Leaky-wave antennas, Electrically-small antennas, Antenna sensors, Internet-of-things

Xingqi Zhang
Assistant Professor
University of Alberta, Canada

Radio wave propagation, Wireless channel measurement and modeling, Computational electromagnetics, Machine learning in propagation, Millimeter-wave communications, Localization, Reconfigurable antennas, UWB antennas, Antenna optimization

Takuji Arima
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

Numerical analysis, Electromagnetic theory, Time-domain analysis, Modeling, Biomedical application, Finite difference method, Finite element method, Moment method, Electromagnetic compatibility, Antennas

Gangil Byun
Associate Professor
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), South Korea

Millimeter wave antennas, Antenna arrays, Satellite antennas, Metasurfaces, Adaptive beamforming, Radars, Antenna-in-package (AiP), Reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS)

Minseok Kim
Associate Professor
Niigata University, Japan

Channel measurement and modeling, Double-directional channel sounding, Channel models, Millimeter-wave and THz communications, MIMO Systems, Direction-of-arrival estimation, Multipath parameter estimation, Localization, Radio imaging and sensing, Machine-learning-based channel modeling

Ying Liu
Xidian University, China.

Electromagnetic scattering, Low RCS antennas, Base-station and terminal antennas, Characteristic modes and multi-mode technology, Metasurface, Reflectarray and transmittarray, Computational electromagnetics, Multiphysics simulation, Phased array antenna

Wei Liu
Queen Mary University of London, UK

Antenna arrays, Distributed array networks, Beamforming, Pattern synthesis, Interference cancellation, Direction of arrival estimation, Target localisation, Tracking, Radar imaging

Mariana Dalarsson
Associate Professor
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Antennas for biomedical applications, Electromagnetic interaction with human body/tissues, Body-centric communication, Reconfigurable antennas, 5G antennas and arrays, Dielectric resonator antennas (DRAs), Metamaterials, Metasurfaces, Waveguides, Electromagnetic theory

Kun Li
Associate Professor
The University of Electro-Communications, Japan

Over-the-air (OTA) testing, MIMO antennas, Wireless body area network, Propagation channels, Wearable and implantable antennas, Microwave/mmWave antenna, Bioelectromagnetics, SAR and RF safety assessment, Electromagnetic compatibility, Computational electromagnetics

Manuel Sierra Castañer
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain

Antenna Measurement Techniques, Array Antennas, Reflectarrays, Transmitarrays, Reconfigurable antennas, Phased arrays, Near field measurements, Source reconstruction, Slot array antennas

Xiongwen Zhao
North China Electric Power University, China

Radiowave propagation, Channel measurement, Modeling & simulation, MIMO/Massive MIMO channel models, RIS channel models, Beamforming, 5G/6G channel models, Space-air-ground channel models

Xuesong Cai
Assistant Professor
Lund University, Sweden

Radio propagation, Channel sounding, Channel measurement, High-resolution channel parameter estimation, Channel characterization and modeling, Massive MIMO, Radio-based localization, Machine learning for wireless communication, Millimeter-wave and THz channels, Vehicular channels

Haihan Sun
Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Artificial intelligence for antennas and EM sensing, Base station antennas, Ground-penetrating radar, Multi-band antennas and arrays, Microwave imaging and sensing, Nondestructive testing, Wideband antennas

Bratin Ghosh
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India.

Green's function analysis, Dielectric resonator antennas, Cylindrical structures, Spherical conformal antennas, Conical structures, Leaky-wave antennas, Anisotropic materials, Metamaterials, Horn antennas and feeds and Antenna miniaturization

Can Ding
Senior Lecturer
University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia

Shared-Aperture Antenna, Antenna decoupling, Antenna cross-band descattering, Base Station Antenna, In-Band Full-Duplex, Antennas for 5G and Beyond, Phased Array, Beamforming, Antenna Polarization, Lens Antennas

Davide Comite
Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Leaky-wave Antennas, Periodic Structures, Metasurfaces, Metamaterials, Antennas for Space Applications, Non-diffracting Waves, Scattering from Natural Surfaces, Microwave Imaging, Earth Observation

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